Founding Farmers

What is American food?

If you’re like us, it’s not always the easiest question to answer. You could argue that we don’t really have our own food type since America is historically a melting pot of different cultures. You could also make a case for any regional cuisine you could think of. It’s difficult to define.

One great thing about the Washington food scene is you can get any type of food you can imagine: Italian, Chinese, Ethiopian, and the elusive American. In our humble opinion, Founding Farmers is one of the best representations of American food you can experience in D.C.

Founding Farmers was first established in 2008 with their flagship location in the heart of D.C. They now have two other locations in Tysons, VA and Potomac, MD (referred to as “Founding Farmers MoCo”). Their philosophy is simple, high quality ingredients handled with great care result in delicious food. The restaurant is owned by farmers which supports sustainably sourced ingredients. The entire concept is pretty neat.

Oh, and the food’s incredible by the way. Just look at this.

FF spread.jpg

Now, if their sustainable business model and delicious food wasn’t reason enough to pay a visit, Founding Farmers is also a private distillery and is known for impressive drink menu. Their in-house liquors include vodka, rye whiskey, gin, and pisco, which are then featured in 12 signature cocktails.

So, we return to the original question: what is American food? While the true answer remains undefined, we think you’ll enjoy a hearty American meal here at Founding Farmers.

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