International Spy Museum

Trust No One when you enter the secret, shadowy world of global espionage at the International Spy Museum. The only museum of its kind in the U.S.  – and the world – the Spy Museum features the largest collection of espionage artifacts on display for the general public, and tells the story of the famous spies who shaped the world we live in.

The museum truly is fun for the whole family, and getting there from our host hotel is an easy 15 minute ride on the red line. It’s interactive displays and fascinating exhibits provide entertainment for adults and children alike.

Begin your visit by adopting your cover and proceed to the briefing room for your very own mission which involves crawling through air ducts, examining over 200 spy gadgets, trying your hand at code breaking, and learning about the history of international espionage. What makes this museum unique – aside from the fascinating subject matter, is the fact that its focus is global, rather than solely focusing on U.S. espionage efforts.

One of the favorite exhibits explores the fictional, glamorous world of James Bond villains. To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of James Bond films, the Museum  partnered with EON Productions, to showcase over 100 artifacts from the films. Items include airships and underground lairs to nuclear weapons and hungry sharks.

For more information about the International Spy Museum, including hours and ticket prices, visit their website.


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