Lebanese Taverna

One of the best things about our host hotel, the Washington Marriott Wardman Park, is its proximity to lots of excellent restaurants, including the popular Lebanese Taverna. If you’ve never experienced Lebanese food before this is the perfect place to begin your cultural exploration.

Lebanese Taverna has several locations around the DC metro and greater DC, Maryland, Virginia area. The one in Woodley Park is a beautiful blend of modern style mixed with subtle touches of a Lebanese home. The friendly and accommodating wait staff gladly welcome visitors into their world,and are ready to assist you every step of the way if the menu becomes intimidating.

The fun part about Lebanese Taverna – and Lebanese food in general – is that it’s easily shared. It’s popular practice to order several plates of mezza (appetizers) to share among the table. You could easily make a meal of just mezza and hommus – of which there are six varieties plus a sampler tray – but their extensive menu also offers soup, salad, sandwiches, and entrées. Entrée portion sizes are quite large so be sure to plan accordingly!

Aside from hommus, popular dishes that are an absolute must include baba ghanoush (pureed eggplant, tahini, and spices), shawarma (rotisserie chicken served in a special blend of spices), grape leaves (stuffed with chickpeas, tomatoes, onions, and mint), and tzatziki (yogurt with cucumber, garlic, mint, lemon, and spices). The staff is also great about accommodating any food allergies or dietary restrictions.

To accompany this delicious spread, Lebanese Taverna offers an extensive drink menu of beer, wine, crafted cocktails, and non-alcoholic selections, many of which are straight from Lebanon or Lebanese inspired. A true cultural experience all around.

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