16th Street

One of the most popular shopping hubs in Denver is the 16th Street Mall. This bustling pedestrian promenade is just steps away from the Sheraton Downtown Denver and Hilton Denver City Center, putting ACHA 2019 attendees in the heart of the action.

A free shuttle runs along 16th Street making it easy to travel between hotels. These shuttles are nicknamed the MallRide and stop on every corner. The shuttles come and go every few minutes and make everything downtown easy to reach.

16th Street itself is a beautiful sight. It’s made of red, white and gray granite in a repeating pattern that, seen from above, resembles the skin of a diamondback rattlesnake. Along the 16th Street Mall, there are 42 outdoor cafes making it ideal for relaxing after a long day of networking and continuing education at ACHA 2019. In addition, 16th Street connects attendees to  Denver Pavilions, a shopping and dining complex with 12 movie theaters and more than two dozen shops and restaurants.

At the north end of the mall, 16th Street continues as a pedestrian path over three bridges connecting downtown to Commons Park and LoHi, a hip neighborhood filled with restaurants and brewpubs. After dark, horse-drawn carriages and pedicabs carry people up and down the mall, while the 200 trees that line the promenade sparkle with nearly a million twinkle lights.

For more information about 16th Street, including a list of restaurants, click here.

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