Elitch Gardens Theme Park

Calling all thrill seekers – or ACHA 2019 attendees with their families in tow – this one is for you. Located in the heart of Denver along the South Platte River Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park is waiting to be discovered.

Locally known as “Elitch’s”, this theme park offers countless hours of family fun. Packed with thrilling rides, entertaining shows, water slides, and concerts special events, this park is great for kids of all ages. The park is open every day from April through October, and after Memorial Day admission includes both the theme and water park sections.

Elitch’s has gone through many upgrades since relocating to its current location on the South Platte River. From 1999-2006 it was part of the Six Flags franchise and underwent major renovations including the additions of many popular roller coasters. In 2018, Denver announced the current site of Elitch Gardens would be the site of a massive redevelopment project called “The River Mile” to maintain Elitch’s popularity and prosperity for years to come.

It’s possible and probably easiest to purchase Elitch Gardens tickets online. The main entrance is not far from the host hotels, and easily accessible by Uber to taxi.

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