Downtown Aquarium

If you’re coming to ACHA 2019 with kids in tow, one of the more unique family-friendly attractions in Denver, or anywhere, really, is the Downtown Aquarium. Now I know what you’re thinking, all aquariums are created equal so if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. Not true when it comes to this one.

The Downtown Aquarium features a full-service restaurant, an upscale bar, a fully equipped ballroom, aquatic and geographic exhibits, and shopping all packed in one location. The aquarium was re-opened in 2005 after extensive renovation and has distinguished itself as one of Denver’s favorite family pastimes. The complex features, of course, a public aquarium boasting more than a million gallons of underwater exhibits that highlight fascinating ecosystems around the world. Downtown Aquarium houses over 500 species of animals, including one that usually is only reserved for myths and legends, mermaids.

The Mystic Mermaids of Downtown Aquarium performs 1-4 shows every day. These performers are scuba certified, CPR certified and trained on emergency evacuation rescue. They free dive with no weights or underwater air supply. The current show is geared toward children and is packed with conservation messages teaching kids how to care for the ocean.

The Downtown Aquarium and accompanying restaurant are open daily. Ticket prices vary widely based on what activities you are planning to participate in. Click here for more information.

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