Coors Field

Ah, baseball. America’s pastime. It seems there isn’t anything that perfectly sums up an American summer quite like a good old baseball game. If you have a few extra hours in the evening at ACHA 2019, or if you’re planning to stay a few days after, a baseball game is a perfect way to unwind.

Coors Field is named for the Coors Brewing Company which purchased the naming rights to the park before its completion in 1995 and is home to the Colorado Rockies. Like every Major League baseball stadium, Coors Field has some unique and distinct quirks. While all the seats in the stadium are dark green in color, the seats in the 20th row of the upper deck are purple to mark the elevation of one mile above sea level. Behind center field, the wall is decorated to reflect the typical environment of the Rocky Mountains. This area consists of a waterfall, fountains, and pine trees. After a Rockies home run or win, the fountains shoot high into the air.

For players, Coors Field is known as a home run friendly park so it may be worth sitting int he outfield for a heightened chance to snag a souvenir. The reason for this is at a higher elevation, there is less humidity, and that baseballs stored in drier air are harder and therefore more elastic to the impact of the bat. Since 2002, a room-sized humidor was installed in the rooms where the baseballs are stored, and since then the number of home runs at Coors Field has decreased and is now nearly the same as other parks.

The Colorado Rockies have several games before, after, and during ACHA 2019. For more information about the park as well as ticket prices, click here.

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