Red Rocks Amphitheater

Probably one of the most iconic pieces of the greater Denver area is the Red Rocks Amphitheater. It’s always one of the first images you’ll find when you google “Denver,” and it’s easy to see why. The striking large, tilted, disc-shaped rock behind the stage, huge vertical rock angled outwards from stage right, and several large outcrops angled outwards from stage left to make for stunning views.

The physical structure of the Red Rocks Park took shape approximately 200 million years ago. During the Pennsylvanian epoch, the Ancestral Rocky Mountains eroded and, later, uplifted during the Laramide orogeny and tilted to the angle at which they sit today. The park is primarily made of sandstone rock which gives it the red coloring.  

The Red Rocks Amphitheater as a performing arts center is the brainchild of John Brisben Walker. In the early 20th century, he had a vision of artists performing on a stage nestled in the perfectly acoustic surroundings of Red Rocks. Between 1906 and 1910 he produced several concerts on this spot and the history of Red Rocks as an entertainment venue began.

Since it’s humble beginnings, there have been thousands upon thousands of private, organized, and professional concerts held at Red Rocks. It is often the site of live recordings as well due to the superior acoustics and unique setting.

There are of course numerous concerts being held at Red Rocks during ACHA 2019, but you can also visit the park and take a tour of the venue as well.

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